Individual & Team Performance

Today’s workers are not yesterday’s workers. Today’s marketplace is more competitive and complex than ever. Workers have more choices about where to work. Read More

Leadership Development

According to research there are over 130 definitions of leader or leadership and over 44 theories of leadership. No wonder there is so much confusion on how to lead. Read More

Change Management

Collaborative Leadership takes a culturally-informed, systems perspective to change. Change needs to be collaborative and transdisciplinary, integrating the parts to be successful. Read More

Respectful Workplaces

Healthy, respectful workplaces require an acknowledgment and acceptance of a multiplicity of perspectives (diversity), ways of knowing, ways of working, ways of being. Read More

Employee Engagement

Low engagement scores translate into significantly lower productivity, higher absenteeism, higher turnover, and higher patient safety incidents when compared to top quartile teams. Read More

Conflict Management

Helping people become aware and learning about differences, acknowledging the value of the diversity of perspectives, and incorporating the different perspectives is an effective way forward. Read More


In an increasingly educated workforce there is a premium on being a learning organization – one that can adapt and respond organically to the complex changes in their environment. Read More

News & Info

November 30, 2015

Leadership that Enables Innovation Through Safety

The complex and complicated world in which we live requires leaders who can foster group learning not just individual learning…to tap into the collective wisdom and capacity of the group….Read More