Change Management

Collaborative Leadership takes a culturally-informed, systems perspective to change. As Dr. Ackoff said a system is the sum of interactions of its parts. Each part can affect a system but it depends on other parts of the system to create the desired effect. They are interdependent. If we look at a system only in its parts, ignoring its dynamic nature, no outcome determined from such an analysis will create the desired o change on the greater system. Change needs to be collaborative and transdisciplinary, integrating the parts to be successful.

As Deming said the responsibility for change lies with the leaders AND followers. Individual change is the starting point, and each has to change.

Collaborative Leadership takes a culturally-informed, systems perspective to change.

To improve a system, Change must be directed at what you want, not what you don’t want. There must be unequivocal clarity and unity on this by all parties concerned. In addition, everyone must be aligned on VALUES – how decisions are made, how people are treated, how we think about things, and how we deal with variances to the manifestation of the VALUES.

Collaborative Leadership begins their Change initiative with the individuals and then moves on to an inclusive, transdisciplinary approach to looking at the system and its interdependent parts.

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