Conflict Management

Conflict often has its origins with either a challenge or some element of change.  Conflict may be caused by challenges to/ of authority, trust, beliefs, and values, Conflict may also have its source with some element of change – whether it is how they are informed, the degree of their inclusion in the process, why it is being done (what’s wrong, what’s the vision, the logic), the values supporting the change, their faith in the leader’s competence, how they are going to be supported in the process, and clarity about the plan, the goals and priorities.

Conflict often has its origins with either a challenge or some element of change.

Collaborative Leadership believes helping people become aware of the differences, learning about them, acknowledging the value of the diversity of perspectives, and seeing how to incorporate the different perspectives is an effective way forward. We will help you learn to address conflict in a constructive ways by creating the space for dialogue of all interested parties, recognizing the value of logical alternatives and the needs and interests of the people involved, and getting closure so people can get back to work.

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